Monday, September 24, 2007

This must be... POP!

First of all... it has been less than a month since my last post. I think I deserve a medal.

Second... I am finally a graduate of API. Yes, that means I passed the helicopter dunker, the SWET chair, the altitude chamber, and everything else that made me soil my pants in anticipation. Granted, I came away with a sprained knee, but that's ok, I have two of them. Plus, a sprained knee gives me an excuse to stay on my couch, ice up my knee, and kick the crap out of Zelda villians until I "heal." Everyone's willing to cart my ass around, and beer plus painkillers is just so damn good.

I know what you're thinking... where are all the funny anecdotes? I promise, they're coming. Perhaps you're also asking, "What does Manish think about all the summer TV and the new fall premieres?" Let me tell you, please:

Burn Notice: I can't believe no one told me about this show... I had to find it on my own. Classic formula... good looking people solving crimes, a couple of funny gags, and late night cable. But this one has Gabrielle Anwar, of Scent of a Woman/For Love or Money fame. And she remains gorgeous while playing an Irish psychopath in love with the lead character. Bruce Campbell (another winner) does a great job in the cuddly, sidekick for comic relief role. Unfortunately, Jeffrey Donovan (of Vance Munson fame), is pretty awful. He does not convey emotion well, nor is his delivery funny. Still, it's a fun, brainless show, and I encourage viewing, if for no other reason than Anwar.

Heroes: I'm never objective about shows regarding superheroes (although I have somehow managed to not ever watch Smallville or The 4400), and I am not objective about Heroes. However, the season premiere was great. No real dropoff in drama, excellent set up of plotlines for the season, and the occasional dig at the whole "Save the Cheerleader" phenomenon. I'm excited. Also, the show is completely different in digital HD, not only for the picture, but the fun of being able to rewind and rewatch parts with subtle clues.

Chuck: How could I not love this show? NBC has hyped it well, and it is about a computer geek that gets to play spy games while rolling around with a hot blonde. NBC has done this for years... Seinfeld, Ross Geller, JD, Jim Halpert, Niles Crane... the nerds always get hot chicks. It truly gives us real nerds an occasional twinge of hope. As for the premiere... I liked it. I watched it alone, and I literally yelled out loud at the screen when the Zork reference was made. Zork. I wish I had played sports. A lot of obvious jokes, but the slapstick was good and I can give it some rope just because the plot requires a set up episode. I am concerned that the show is limited... the premise does not seem able to support a season's worth of shows. To be re-examined...

How I Met Your Mother: I have a bad feeling about this show. Season one? Very funny. Season two? Less funny, but still funny (especially with the Crazy Eyes and the Slap Bet). Season three? Not funny so far, and... CBS's premiere night was sponsored by Cadillac, and in the final scene of the episode, a Cadillac reference is made. Then, Mandy Moore plugs her new album at the end of the episode just because she had a bit part in it. It made me want to vomit. (And yes, I recognize that Heroes does the same thing with Nissan... but I've already stated, I'm not objective about superhero shows.)

I am not planning on watch Journeyman, since I cannot see how Scott Bakula can ever be replaced. I am also not planning on watching Bionic Woman unless someone I trust tells me that it's a good show. And I am definitely not going to watch The Big Bang Theory, because although I fully support nerds getting hot blondes, it has to be haphazard for me. If it's the premise of the show... it doesn't fool me.

I am excited about House, but concerned about the potential copout of bringing the three fellows back. I'm excited about The Office because Season 3 was the best season yet, and although the Jim/Pam thing might start to work out, I don't think the show will fizzle. Frasier died when Niles got Daphne, but that was due to the humor involved in Niles' secret crush. Office has never drawn on Jim/Pam for humor, which hopefully means the show will continue to be funny.

I wish I had more to say about the movie landscape... but I haven't seen any movies since Superbad. And reviewing Superbad now is a little late.

I would also like to reassure some of my readers out there... Yes, I am doctor. It is not necessarily true that "doctors are supposed to be sleepy and grumpy, and don't use phrases like 'silly hot.'" Seriously. I am a doctor.

Also, a note from Emilie, who was congratulated in a previous blog post:
"I was honored to see I was featured in your blog!:) With funny narrative comments and everything! Did you know I still have the bodies (and/or brains) of all 12,000 butterflies I reared (and then "sacrificed")? Some people find that disturbing, and yet a little amusing:)"

She's not kidding, folks.

On not kidding... my first flight in a helicopter is next Wednesday, should my knee heal up well enough and the weather remain calm. I get five total helicopter flights; three normal day training flights, one night flight, and one tactical flight. I also get three simulator flights, which should also be fun. If you're curious about when exactly I'll be up in the air (so that you can take cover), just google "HT-18," click on the first link, and find the schedule for the HT-18 squadron flights.


Brooke said...

I'm annoyed that I can't read your blog while I comment to target all critical issues directly and in order.
1. I'm thrilled to see a post so soon. I think I'll link you to my facebook so others can enjoy.
2. Did you notice in your HD, DVR who bumped into Ando before Takei got the paper with his picture in it?
3. You're an idiot if you think Season One of HIMYM was better than two. Other characters were developed and we didn't have to rely on whining Ted to carry the plot.
4. There was more, but I have to re-read and I'll just IM it.
PS-Rick wants to know why you're not blogging about the Bret Myers Special

Manish Singla said...

I did notice who bumped into Ando. I may have yelped upon recognition. I then rewound to confirm.

While I see what you mean about whiny Ted in season one of HIMYM, I felt closer to the characters given their subjects of conversation. There were some great premises in the second season, but the writing was better in the first. It's a precedent set by Friends... the seasons after the second had better overall plotlines, but the writing of the first and second season was definitely better.

I am not blogging about The Bret Myers Special (our fantasy football league) because I have too much invested in my weekly success and failure. I will not blog in anger.